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Agency Accreditation

   Qualification A: Professional Private Practice Certification

   Qualification B: Professional Counseling Agency Certification

   What is Accreditation?

The I.A.C.C. defines accreditation as a voluntary process by which a registered counselor seeks recognition of his/her standards of integrity and practicing competence. Through the accreditation process the Registered Counselor (Qualification A) or Counseling Agency (Qualification B) are evaluated and recognized for ethical assurance and are issued an accreditation certificate which remains valid for a period of five years.

   Who Benefits?

Clients benefit from knowing that a Registered Counselor and/or Agency meet standards established by the I.A.C.C.

The Registered Counselor and/or Agency benefits from a process that emphasizes self-evaluation and self-improvement.

The Public benefits from gaining confidence in counselor accreditation in the I.A.C.C.

   Who May Apply?

Certified Counselors and/or Agencies who are registered with the I.A.C.C. and who have been registered for a minimum of one year, may apply for accreditation. However, Registered Counselors and/or Agencies are under no obligation to participate in the accreditation process, nor do they need to be accredited in order to conduct their counseling practices.