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Registration Maintenance

A. Purpose of Registration Maintenance: It is essential for Registered Certified Clinical Counselors to keep up with the rapid changes that are occurring in the counseling profession. Registration maintenance assures the public that they are being served by professionals who are familiar with the latest counseling advances.

B. Time Period: Initial registration is for 3 years and must be maintained every 3 years thereafter.

C. What Do You Have to Do? It is the responsibility of each Registered counselor to keep his/her registration maintained. In order for counselors to maintain their three year registration they must meet the following requirements between the time of initial registration and the date of expiration:

   Evidence of completion of 12 Continuing Education Units, or re-examination.

   Adherence to the I.A.C.C. Code of Ethics in professional practice.

In order to complete maintenance requirements counselors should submit official university, college, or continuing education transcripts to the I.A.C.C. Office at least 3 months prior to the expiry date on their certificate to assure new certificates can be mailed out in time.