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The The International Administration of Clinical Counselors (I.A.C.C.) was founded to advance the purposes of professional clinical counseling within the religious and secular communities including the field of psychological and spiritual disciplines. The I.A.C.C. is a non-governemental, non-religious, non-profit organization consisting of volunteer members, while promoting ethical behavior of its registered members.

I.A.C.C. Certified Counselors are recognized as accredited providers of professional counseling by governmental agencies and private health insurance carriers. Both the right to practice as professional counseling practitioners and the preservation of the integrity of professional clinical counselors are under constant review by the I.A.C.C.

The benefit of registration in the I.A.C.C. is accredited recognition as providers of professional clinical counseling services by all forms of mental health care both religious and non-religious.

The Bible teaches that God established three primary institutions in society: home, church and government. The I.A.C.C. members are committed to strengthening the family, building God's church and contributing Biblical truth to a secular government.