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Ethical Standards

The Code of Ethics and the ethical attitude demanded is what is expected of the professional counseling practitioner. The professional counseling practitioner is required to practice competently and to refrain from unethical behavior that is unbecoming of a professional.

Counseling practitioners provide services which enable people to progress from a state of distress to a state of personal well-being. Professional counseling practitioners are educated and qualified in professional consultation including professional assessment and systematic treatment which would promote the mental health of individuals. The Guidelines for Ethical Behavior of the International Administration of Clinical Counselors (I.A.C.C.) are intended as a basis for the conduct of its registrants engaged in providing professional counseling services.

I.A.C.C. registrants are involved in a wide range of activities in a variety of work settings. The Guidelines for Ethical Behavior are intended for each I.A.C.C. registrant to engage in professional behavior of the highest order.